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Krewe of Saints plans numerous private events for members as well as annual public events for All Saints Day and Saint Patricks Day (catch the theme?). Check them out here and come join.



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Krewe of Saints

Krewe of Saints is a Galveston nonprofit dedicated to over-the-top grandeur, preserving tradition and engaging in socially responsible causes. We were formed in 2012 by sixteen individuals, hereafter referred to as the Founders (Denise Alexander, Zac Blackwood, Alicia Cahill, Chris Cahill, Megan Carpenter, Cat Cessac, Adrienne Culpepper, Michael Culpepper, Tom Green, Shannon Guillot-Wright, Holly Hopkins, Jhonny Langer, Bain McEldowney, Ken McManus, Josh Stein and Will Wright).

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Only the best of the best are able to join this saintly group of festive revelers. Interested in joining? Looking for more information on just who is part of this Krewe?

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